Led by Tom and Michael who first launched Sunski on Kickstarter in 2012, Team Sunski is a growing group of sunloving adventurers based in San Francisco, CA. We're obsessed with having fun in the outdoors and love making products that promote friendly vibes and adventure. Look for us in the ocean, on the water, up a mountain, or in the woods. Or in the office.


Sunski makes high quality shades that aren't wildly expensive. We try and combine design, materials, presentation, and spirit into an end product that's accessible and affordable. Every pair is polarized, and each comes in a custom travel box ready for your next adventure.


Sunski started as a way for us to combine our love for the outdoors with our love for design. As Sunski grows, we try to maintain that balance and always stay oriented towards nature. We've been a proud member of 1% for the Planet since the beginning, and take every chance we can to get outside.

It started with a surf trip...

In October 2009, Tom left the States for an extended surf trip through Australia. With a tent and surfboard, he wandered up and down the east coast searching for waves and adventures. Along the way, Tom picked up a few souvenirs from surf shops and thrift stores, most notably: a few pairs of radical shades leftover from the 80s.

...and a Salsabol

Simoultaneously, Tom and Michael (henceforth known as "we") were cooking up a plan to start a business together straight out of college. As friends graduating at the peak of the 2008 recession in a non-existent job market, we took a chance and began to produce the Salsabol, an idea Tom had in high school. It helped us learn the ways of creating projects from scratch, and also allowed us to gain invaluable experience as salsa and tortilla chip conisseaurs.

Kickstarter in San Francisco

Our dream of starting a business has always been to align our schedule with nature. We love spending time outside, so San Francisco was the perfect place to relocate. There's surf, snow, mountains, and wind, and a great environment for start-ups all closeby. In the summer of 2012 with the Salsabol fading away, we took a chance on one final project: to channel the spirit of those wild 80s shades Tom found in Australia and turn them into a high quality pair of contemporary sunglasses.

Live Life Outside

Ever since Kickstarter, we've been working to grow Sunski into a brand that celebrates pure love for being outside. We love to surf, ski, sail, hike, and pretty much anything that involves an adventure under the sun. We're proud members of 1% of the Planet, and work everyday towards building a thriving small business that's always oriented towards the great outdoors.