Baja Wind


We followed Sunski Explorer Erin Sullivan and photographers Ali Vagnini and Aly Nicklas on a spontaneous trip to Baja that was full of fun in the sun, windy beach sessions, and fish tacos. Erin filled us in on their journey: 

By nature, I’m a serial planner. It has taken time for me to learn that it’s simply not possible to plan things down to the last detail, nor does it produce the best adventures. This, of course, was the case last month when five of us went to Baja.

The goal was to go to Baja and explore the meaning of spontaneous travel. Why is it formative? Why is it meaningful? We signed up for an adventure, and that’s definitely what we got.

I flew into LA and we started driving South, aiming for a beach and some cold cervezas. Our day was a whirlwind of dusty roads, accidental hot springs, fish tacos and wind. Lots of wind. I slept hard and woke up to the soft glow of the sunrise. We drank coffee and made breakfast on the porch, then it was time to move on again.

And that’s how it was: be in a place, then move on to another. We moved and so did the wind; it was our companion for the rest of our time in Baja–– one that was humbling. One that reminded us to not take ourselves too seriously.

On the way home, I spent hours dozing off in the back of the truck, listening to continued conversations about passion, art, life and travel. I didn’t expect Baja to be so gorgeous in its ruggedness. I listened a lot on this trip, most of all, to the wind– not just in the sound of the tent trying to hold itself up, but to the heart of it. It was a reminder that we will never be any match for the elements, and that we have to enjoy sun, sea, sand, and even the wind as much as we can. We are lucky to have the opportunity.

Photos by @alisonvagnini and @alynicklas. Words by @erinoutdoors.

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