Across Alaska with Taylor Burk

After quitting his job and buying a one way ticket to New Zealand, Taylor Burk’s life transformed. He already possessed a deep passion for travel and exploring the outdoors, but the transition from taking photos using an iPod touch to a DSLR camera changed Taylor’s approach to photography. He now works as a fulltime adventure photographer, traveling from destination to destination, camping and couch surfing his way to new adventures.

For as long as Taylor can remember, Alaska has been high on his adventure list. When his friend Quin asked him to join a road trip that he was planning to Alaska, Taylor jumped at the opportunity. While the duo arrived expecting some snow in the Arctic Circle, they were greeted by freezing temperatures and a full-on whiteout blizzard. Surreal glacial “roads” in Kluane National Park left Taylor speechless, snaking and stretching for 60 kilometers in front of him.

As they drove on, every twist of the road revealed another jaw-dropping view. Taylor and Quin looked down on the Caribbean-like colors of the lakes below as they scrambled up and over ridges, chasing mountain goats to an overlook over a 70 mile ice field framed by the Milky Way and Northern Lights.

By taking a plunge into the unknown, Taylor set himself up for a life of adventure and hasn’t looked back since.

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