A Weekend in Joshua Tree

Not all adventures go as planned – and nor should they.

I generally love having a few spots picked to check out before jetting out to a new destination for the first time – but this go around was an exception. I wanted to experience Joshua Tree with virgin eyes and simply go with the flow: no plans… just climb, camp and chill in the desert heat.

After a 4am departure from SF followed by a steady supply of gas station coffee, we finally arrived to the park – and boy did we feel alive.


Onto the J Tree bouldering scene. Let me first explain – climbing in the desert during summertime is unforgiving. Unless you’re itching to know what a heat stroke feels like, climbing in the early morning and late evening are the only realistic windows to go send a few boulders.

Days consisted of finding shade, snacking hard, and resting up.

Evenings and nights were spent chef-ing up good eats, scrambling up sketchy boulders for epic sunset views, and relaxing around a campfire under the night sky.

It really is hard to beat a weekend off the grid: no cell service, some A1 adventure pals, and a blank canvas. That’s exactly how I will remember my first time in Joshua Tree.

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