Sunski History Part 1

Sunski Turns Five!

September marks the 5 year anniversary since Sunski launched on Kickstarter back in 2012! So we decided to take a look back to remember how it all started…


Is it though? Young Tom & Michael fresh out of college during a recession, decided to put an end to salsa suffering and began to produce the Salsabol, an idea Tom had in high school. A bowl with a lip, so you don’t spill your dip.  

Here’s an awesome jingle written by an avid Salsabol fan:

Although they did always enjoy a good Mexican appetizer, they didn’t end up having a passion for it like they originally thought. So in 2012, they turned their focus to something they loved a little more, storytelling and the great outdoors.


It all started with a surf trip…

In October 2009, Tom left the States for an extended surf trip through Australia. With a tent and surfboard, he wandered up and down the east coast searching for waves and adventures. Along the way, Tom picked up a few souvenirs from surf shops and thrift stores, most notably: a few pairs of radical shades leftover from the 80s.



“In the summer of 2012 with the Salsabol fading away, we took a chance on one final project: to channel the spirit of those wild 80s shades Tom found in Australia and turn them into a high quality pair of contemporary sunglasses.”

The Kickstarter campaign was a huge success! We would not be where we are today without all of your support. Thank you guys!!!

Here’s a sweet discount code for 15% off to show our gratitude: SALSABOL