Giving Back: 1% For The Planet

Here at Sunski HQ, a lot of the things we like to do rely on a healthy planet: Sailing, skiing, windsurfing, backpacking, surfing, biking. If it’s outside, chances are we’re into it, and all of these wonderful pastimes require maintaining the delicate ecological balance of the pale blue dot we call home. This is why we’re so happy to call ourselves a member of 1% for the Planet since day one

Each year, we donate one percent of our annual revenue to the following organizations, in addition to the many partnerships, collaborations and initiatives we organize with other fantastic nonprofits.


As avid surfers, we see firsthand the destruction wrought by short-term planning and development along our coastlines. Even if you are not a surfer, the ocean’s health plays a critical component in all of our outdoor lives: it generates the wind we sail, the waves we surf, the food we eat, and the snow we ski–all of which has been measurably harmed within a single generation due to overexploitation and under-appreciation of this resource. The Save the Waves Coalition seeks to protect the ocean from a variety of man-made threats, the most damaging of which is a lack of foresight.

Human advancement and ecological health are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they are often closely tied to one another. Short-term cash-extraction, however, is what is at odds with environmental conservation. By mobilizing supporters and talent to pressure companies to undertake due diligence on the long-term impact of potentially harmful activities, Save the Waves ensures a protected, sustainable coastline for the next generation.



The Leave No Trace Center For Outdoor ethics sends educators to classrooms around the country in order to instill positive values and environmental awareness to children in school. We support this effort because we believe that nothing is more important, efficient, inexpensive and fundamental to the preservation of our environment as knowledge: the more we know about nature and ways to protect it, the more we are able to both practice and share this knowledge on a day to day basis. The LNT center’s curriculum focuses on awareness of the environment and ideas on how to conserve it.

We believe in Leave No Trace because it’s a highly efficient organization that reaches thousands of people at nominal cost. Wilderness is a scarce resources whose value will only continue to increase over time. Teaching people to understand, protect and cherish nature is fundamental to its survival, and ours as well.



Adventurer’s and Scientists for Conversation may be a mouthful of a name, but it’s a good one to remember. They’re a bit of a rising star in the nonprofit sphere, because they’re rolling out an environmental program that is smart, simple, and delivers huge results. They connect adventurers and explorers with scientists and institutions that need research done. The old way used to be that if a particular research project required snow samples from, say, Iceland, they would have to mount a multi-thousand dollar expedition to get the team out there for samples.

With ASC’s platform, though, the same project can be undertaken by an extreme skier who happens to be passing through the area as part of a photoshoot. But it doesn’t have to be quite so epic of a scale—everybody can help, from extreme athletes on multi-month expeditions to regular people taking a hike in their own backyard. By aligning incentives and allowing everybody to get involved in conservation research, the future looks bright from ASC’s perspective.