48 Hours: Chasing Fall Foliage


Your buddy runs a casual idea by you.

“Dude — would you be down to leave the city at 11:30pm on Friday to catch sunrise at Glacier Point, then chase fall colors in the Eastern Sierras the rest of the weekend? Promise we’ll be back before midnight on Sunday — cool?”

You say yes — in true weekend warrior fashion.

You see greatness. Glacier Point 5:30am should be atop every adventure-seeker’s bucket list.

Adventure food hack: grapes on PB&Js are the move.

We hadn’t even seen fall colors yet. June Lake Loop smacked us in the face with some seriously epic views. Then the skateboards came out.

We scrambled over to Wild Willy’s for some hot spring action under a full moon.

6am on Sunday.

We dragged ourselves out of ours sleeping bags, stuffed all our gear in the backseat and ripped over to Convict Lakes to watch the sun rise. The trees slowly lit up in shades of gold I hadn’t seen before. The show was shortly followed by breakfast stories with and old man who had been on a 7-day trip photographing fall colors. Dude was a true foliage chaser, and urged us to dart over to Lundy Lake where the fall color were really popping off.

We ran into more cool strangers — bonus points for a decked out Westfalia.

The rest of the afternoon was spent hiking 3 miles barefoot through yellows and oranges I’d never seen in my life.

The 5-hour trek home turned into 6 ½ with plenty of roadside stops— Tioga Pass is an unbelievable sight to take in while the sun is going down.

A lot of life can be lived in 48 hours. Go claim it.

Photos and words by Brian Chorski