Holiday Gift Guide

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Oh No! It’s the holidays and you haven’t even gotten past your thanksgiving food coma! Did you miss out on all the Black Friday deals because you were nursing your food baby? No worries, we’ve got you covered with our Holiday Gift Guide. Get all of your holiday shopping done in one stop and stoke your family and friends out with some sweet shades. Although our shades are all unisex and look good on pretty much anything (especially dogs), we’ve put together a guide to help you figure out what to get for each individual on your list.



Uncle Billy is the first one to crack the dad jokes at family gatherings, but he makes a mean brisket to make up for it. He always get’s you the same gift every year but you love it. He’s got a classic sense of style even though he’s kind of a dork. Keep the dad jokes flowing from Uncle Billy by getting him some fresh Plovers.




The holidays wouldn’t be possible with your Momski. Every winter she transforms into a super mom and is somehow able to corral your crazy family together and make sure the festivities and food are on point. She always knows what you want for your gift, so give her what she doesn’t know she wants, a pair of fresh Makanis.




Although she can be annoying at times, your sister has always been there for you. She knows what makes you tick, but also what makes you stoked. She changes up her look all the time and you never know what to get her. You can’t go wrong with our classic wayfare shape that goes with any style.




Your brother also can get under your skin from time to time, but he’s made it clear that he’s always got your back. He’s the first one to steal the last bread roll off of your plate, but doesn’t mind sharing his gifts with you. You can’t go wrong with getting him the Avilas, although you might end up stealing them back from him.




Your BFF is the goofiest one of the bunch. She’s always making a scene during your holiday gatherings, but those moments are what you tend to remember most. She’s a little weird but still seems to be the coolest one of the bunch. You won’t go wrong with the Dipseas, our most timeless style that looks good on everyone, no matter how much of a goofball you are.


Happy Holidays from our crazy family to yours!!!