Thailand: A Backpacker’s Paradise

What do you do when it’s the middle of winter, and you’re feeling up for an adventure somewhere lukewarm? Our friend Brian Chorski booked an impromptu trip to Thailand with his buddy, and ended up having the trip of a lifetime.

There’s the sight-seeing. There’s the photo opps. There’s travel. Then there’s adventuring.

I’d been trying to find some meaning behind why travel is so addicting. Thailand explained it all.

My buddy Zach and I bought some flights to jet out less than a week in advance. No plans. No accommodations. Just sheer stoke and desire to experience everything.

We hit it off with a couple internet strangers and a few actual strangers from hostels on our first day — and miraculously assembled a dream adventure squad of eight. With no more than an exchange of smiles and names, we ripped around on rentals scooters through Northern Thailand for the next week.

Then came Southern Thailand. We weren’t really sure how we all ended up there together, but we loved it. I don’t think I’d ever seen more backflips, dives, and good vibes in my life.

It’d be criminal to leave unmentioned the kindness of Thai locals.

We were fortunate to meet some incredible souls— one of which gave us a boat ride back to mainland after a couple of us got separated from the rest of the squad exploring caves.

“Aek” was so pumped when I threw him a pair of Makanis for his generosity.

Today it’s so easy to quickly snack on everyone’s photos that slay the Gram, but so difficult to take a big bite of those precious in-between moments:

Who did they meet along the way?

Where did they have the spiciest meal of their life?

Why did that guy strip naked in front of boats full of tourists and dive off that cliff?

How did they get up to that infinity pool in Bangkok at 6:30am 40 stories up?

Some of these questions can be answered through images — some can’t. Cherish these moments.

Be 100% present in those adventures jam-packed with “what did we do to deserve this?” moments and share them with some incredible souls. That’s what travel’s all about.

Words and images by Brian Chorski with photo assists from Zach Jiroun.