Sunski Celebrates International Women's Day

Here at Sunski, we’re surrounded by awesome, empowered women every day. We learn together, lift each other up together and play outside together. We also know that while life may be pretty sunny at Sunski’s beachfront HQ, there’s always room to grow. We recognize that we all have a responsibility to continue pushing for positive change and working to empower women everywhere.

Sunski got its start on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and we’ve always given 1% of our profits back to the planet. If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that small actions can ripple outward to create lasting change in our communities and the world.

With that idea in mind, we met up with other San Francisco women (including the women of True&Co.) for a morning workout/hangout at Buena Vista Park near Haight Ashbury. The idea was to talk about what we’re doing to press for progress in 2018, both personally and professionally.  

As we opened up, we found common ground and shared experiences. We also laughed a lot, snapped a few goofy photos in our Sunskis and True&Co. gear (because San Francisco is just so dang photogenic), drank way too much coffee and hugged goodbye with renewed determination to make ‘Press for Progress’ more than a hashtag on social media, but a rallying cry and a mantra that would guide the way we lived our lives.  

Here’s what the ladies had to say, in their own words:

Lauren // Copywriter

Dream job: Lead singer of a punk rock band

What advice would you give your younger self? Simple: You’re doing great. You’re growing up in an age of huge opportunities and equally huge expectations. You’re capable and deserving of everything you want, but take a second to step back, breathe, and recognize that you’re killing it. You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing!

Favorite way to get outside on the weekend with your female friends? My friends and I love going on long hikes around the Bay (and there’s no shortage of amazing ones!). We make a day of itstart with coffee, get our mileage in, and treat ourselves to a cold beer after. We’re all about venturing to new spots, but some favorites include the Marin Headlands, Alamere Falls, and Land’s End, the most beautiful SF urban hike.


Alicia // Customer Success Manager

Dream job: Traveling the world as an expert in forensics/human evolution and part-time orphan baby sloth caretakerbecause who doesn’t love a baby sloth?

What is an opportunity for empowerment that you are focusing on this year?   

For most of my life, I’ve struggled with the notion that I’m just ‘average’ at everything I do. Even these past few years in the workplaceI think to myself: Am I an expert in anything? Am I the only one that could do this job? The answer I am coming to realize is this: Yes, I am the only person that could do this because I am unique, and have my own set of skills and mindset. I’m adding self-assurance and trust in myself to my roster of traits that I have been pushing away and am now embracing. It’s finally time to take a look at what I am and what I have to offer, and know that I can contribute in a meaningful way because of who I am and what I stand for. Time to speak up, and explore this nascent confidence that has been simmering for so long and is finally coming to a boil.

What is an important conversation you are starting with your female friends this year?

It’s not so much a conversation that I am starting with them, but I’ve found that now more than ever, it’s so important for women to learn from other women, whether it be actual, tangible skills, or learning from their past experiences. We have so much to offer, so connecting on that basis I think is crucial, especially with friends.  My female friends have so many varied skills and ideas, it would be silly not for us to learn from each other! Let’s share what we know, and applaud what we do as individuals, but also what we can accomplish together.


Sam // Marketing Associate

Dream job: Creative director

What does press for progress mean to you?

To me, #PressforProgress means doing whatever I can in my field and community to work towards equality. As women, there are so many things that we need to fight for, yet we’re still allowing ourselves to be held back by the way we look. Working in the lingerie industry, I’ve seen a lot of damage to the way that women view their self image as a result of harmful marketing tactics used by large brands. I want to help change that and help create a more inclusive brand message that encourages women to feel like their best selves so that they can go and kick ass in all aspects of their lives.

How are you lifting other women up in 2018?

I want to help lift other women up by just being unapologetically me and living an authentic life and encouraging others to do the same. In this day and age we’re so fixated on trying to be who we portray on Instagram that I think it’s time to start creating a life that’s meaningful to who we are on the inside. I want to lead by example.

Also I work for a bra company (True&Co.), so I guess you can say I literally work to lift women up every day.


Nicki // Senior Web Analyst

Dream job: Entrepreneur

Favorite way to get outside on the weekend with your female friends?

I love getting outside with my girls who surf, climb, run or ridea sport for every season. We’re never short on adventures.

What does #pressforprogress mean to you?

To me, #pressforprogress means embracing fear and going beyond your comfort zone.


Lauryn Zulkie // Creative Producer  

Dream job: Something team-oriented and wildly creative

Who do you look up to as a female role model and why?

I don’t have just one, I have a million and one. Some of these women I interact with day-to-day, some I met a long time ago but now have forgotten, some are the women that other women look up to. Female role models are everywhere, can be anyone, and will inspire you through different parts of your life. Thank God for those women who inspired me along the way, made me the person who I am in 2018 and who molded my thoughts of what an empowered female looks like.

Favorite way to get outside on the weekend with your female friends?

We are park chilling, antique fair shopping, walkers-of-new-places-we’ve-never-been-to type of people. If I had a bike, I’d probably be riding up and down San Francisco with them too.

Sunski celebrates International Women's Day

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