Treelines in Tahoe Lookbook

The Treelines’ removable, perforated side panels may be a bit unconventional, but we think it’s what sets our new shades apart—these glacier-goggle inspired sunglasses are one part extreme, one part après-ski party and 100% awesome. Perfect for snowy and sunny days below 14,000 feet, the Treelines are designed for people who live adventure time, all the time. Even if adventure is a state of mind. 

We sent Sunski Explorer Nick Daniels on a mission in his hometown of Lake Tahoe, California. His only instructions were to have fun in the Treelines…a lot of fun. The result was so epic, we couldn’t resist sharing some of the behind-the-scenes moments with you, along with Nick’s take on what turned out to be an insanely fun day. 

—Team Sunski

The Treelines, glacier goggle-inspired sunglasses by Sunski

Spring in Lake Tahoe is known to be the spring skiing capital of the world. There are very few places you can ride perfect snow in the morning and sunbathe at the dock in the afternoon.

One afternoon, my friends Anthony, Gaetano, Jenna and I decided to kill some time at our local thrift shop. While browsing around the store we came across pristine vintage ski gear begging for second chance. We found lightly used one-pieces, beanies, and straight skis…and not just any straight skis. These straight skis were what your dad would rip to while listening to David Bowie on a Walkman tape player.


The Treelines by Sunski

Epic days in the Sunski Treelines

Outfitted head-to-toe in our new gear, the crew headed to the local mountain to hit the slopes in style. The rest of the day was filled with bashed moguls, hop-turns, snowballs, snow angels, and lots of laughs.

The Treelines, glacier goggle-inspired sunglasses by Sunski

The Treelines, glacier goggle-inspired sunglasses by Sunski

snow angels in the Sunski Treelines

After having more than our fair share of fun, we all agreed it was time for a drink to celebrate the day. We found the closest dock and soaked up the sun until it dipped behind the mountains.

Lake Tahoe dock with Sunski Treelines


The crew decided that every Wednesday in the spring is Onesie Wednesday. If you need us, you know where we’ll be.

Sunski Treelines in Lake Tahoe

Learn more about the Treelines here. Photography and words by: Nick Daniels