Celebrate Earth Day

April is Earth Month, which means it’s time to take action to help make the world a better place.

Here at Sunski’s beachfront headquarters in San Francisco, we’re planning a spring vegetable garden and enjoying the longer days by riding our bikes to work. In the design lab (AKA our garage), we’re brewing up some really exciting developments to the way our sunglasses are made and packaged.

Becoming a more sustainable business isn’t always easy, but we’re learning that the journey towards greater sustainability can be a whole lot of fun.

Sunski head photographer Raja, hard at play in the bay

Need some inspiration? We’ve got some ideas we think you’ll dig. Check ’em here:


Join 1% for the Planet

This year has already shown the power of individuals and businesses working together to create social and environmental change. Why not join companies like Sunski and Patagonia and individual members like Yvon Chouinard and become a 1% for the Planet member?

One Percent for the Planet is a global network of businesses, nonprofits and individuals working together for a healthy planet. Together, 1% for the Planet members have given more than $175 million dollars back to the environment.

Check out the fun video below to learn how supporting Sunski and other 1% for the Planet brands can create positive change in the world.


Become an Adventure Scientist

If you love science, this one’s for you. Adventure Scientists is a nonprofit that partners the outdoor adventure community with scientists, enabling difficult-to-obtain data collection at any scale, in any environment. It’s like a special ops for conservation.

Adventure Scientists also happens to be one of Sunski’s 1% for the Planet partners, and right now they’re on the hunt for volunteers to help collect scientific data.

Check out these super-cool initiatives from Adventure Scientists and find out how you can get involved:

Fight Illegal Timber Harvesting

Adventure Scientists is looking for anyone living or traveling extensively along the North American Pacific Coast to get out and collect leaf or wood samples from bigleaf maples. The resulting genetic reference library could become a powerful tool in the fight against illegal timber harvesting.


Protect pollination and save the butterflies!

Pollinators, and the ecosystems that rely on their biological services, are threatened by habitat loss, agricultural practices, and diseases. Adventure Scientists needs your help to collect baseline data on public lands in order to protect threatened species and conserve habitats.


Host an event in your community

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got one foot planted firmly in the city and another in the outdoors. Maybe you’re a creative who spends your weekends climbing in Yosemite, or an adventure guide who spends your nights playing in a band in the nearest city. You’re just as likely to hit the trail or the waves before work as you are to jet to a show or gallery opening after hours, which means you’ve got a finger on the powerful pulse of multiple communities. Who’s part of your community?

Gather a group and take action for a cause. It could be as simple as a beach or river cleanup followed by a bonfire, or hosting a backyard party-turned-benefit concert. Align your event with an environmental nonprofit or share your actions on social media to inspire others in your community.

Team Sunski hiking near San Francisco

Hosting a benefit event is a great way to bring your communities together while helping the planet. Use a resource like MeetupEventbrite or Facebook Events to organize your community. Planning something cool? Tell us about it! Send a note to our blog editor and don’t forget to tag @sunski on Instagram.

We’ll meet you outside,

Team Sunski