Jordan Zobrist in Costa Rica Lookbook



When fashion photographer and creative director Jordan Zobrist told us she was headed to Costa Rica, we couldn’t resist asking her to shoot a Sunski lookbook featuring her good friend Quigley wearing the Sunski Singlefins, Moragas and Navarros. She returned with some amazing stories of life in the land of Pura Vida, along with this stunning collection of colorful images. 

We caught up with Jordan after the trip, in between a whirlwind visit to Coachella music festival and her next escape (to an undisclosed location). 



Hi Jordan! Can you introduce yourself and share a bit of your background and tell us about your work?
Hello everyone! My name is Jordan Zobrist. I am a fashion and commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. I grew up in a small rural town in Idaho, studied Political Science in college, thought I was going to become the first female president of the United States, and decided to become a photographer instead. Best decision I ever made. I have been taking photos for over 6 years now and it brings me the greatest joy. To put it simply, photography brings purpose to my life, and that purpose is to create. But I want to create more than just a pretty image. I want that image to make you pause, think, and reflect. Images that tell stories, evoke emotion, and allow us to travel back in time are the most powerful images of all.


You’re an amazing photographer! What inspired this shoot in Costa Rica and how did you bring your vision to life? 
Traveling to new places is always been at the top of my priority list ever since I was a little girl. Although I’m a huge advocate for exploring your own backyard, I also have a long running list of international must-sees. Costa Rica was one of them, and when a couple resorts reach out and wanted me to capture the beauty of Costa Rica, I was completely on board. I have loved the fact that I am able to work and travel at the same time and create imagery that captures the true spirit of a destination. It’s all about creating wanderlust, the kind that will get people to put down their cell phones, get off the couch, and go explore new places.


What sparks your creativity?
Travel! Of course! Going to new places, meeting new people, trying new foods. New sites, sounds, and smells always inspire me to get creative, look at the world differently, and capture the beauty around me.



How do you do things differently (in your art, work or life)? 
I try to approach life and my art with a very open mind; with the mindset that it never hurts to try something new, be vulnerable, and put yourself out there. When we are vulnerable, out of our comfort zone, and doing something that may feel or look stupid, this is when life is most memorable and when I capture the best images.



“It never hurts to try something new, be vulnerable, and put yourself out there.”



What do you love to do outside? 

I absolutely love to rock climb, and not the gym kind of rock climbing, the kind of rock climbing that gets you out on a slab of granite. I thoroughly enjoy trying to overcome the physical and mental puzzle of a challenging climb. It is a rush and release like nothing else, especially when you have a slight fear of heights, which I do, depending on the day.




Thanks for sharing! Where can we see more of your and Quigley’s work and amazing lifestyle? 


You can follow me on Instagram at @jzobphoto and Quigley at @officiallyquigley or check out my website,