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Just the FAQs, ma'am

How quickly do Cabana orders ship?

Cabana orders ship within 24 hours (weekdays only).

How do I sign up for the Cabana?

Click here to create your account.

Is there an order minimum?

There is no order minimum in the Cabana!

How do I receive tracking info?

A tracking number will be automatically emailed to you once the order ships.

Will I be charged shipping?

All Cabana orders are charged shipping based on weight and destination

Can I receive terms in the Cabana?

You cannot receive terms in the Cabana platform. When you place an order you will be required to supply payment with a credit card or PayPal at checkout.

Can I place a pre-book or future order in the Cabana?

No, you can only place at-once orders in the Cabana. The packing process starts once you pay and submit your order.

What payment methods are accepted?

All major credit/debit cards plus PayPal is accepted. We cannot accept check or ACH payment for Cabana orders.

Is there an order minimum in NuOrder?

Yes, the order minimum in NuOrder is 8 units.

How quickly do NuOrder orders ship?

You can enter your own requested ship date when placing the order, however we require 4-5 business days lead time to process orders in NuOrder.

When do I receive tracking for my order?

Tracking is not automatically provided, but available upon request.

How do I know what is available to order?

NuOrder will display a red Sold Out banner across styles that are sold out and not currently available.

Do you charge for shipping?

Yes, our shipping charges are based on the order weight and destination.

How do I ship on my own shipping account?

If you have your own shipping account please enter the details into the "comment" section in NuOrder. Make sure to let us know your preferred shipping method.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but we require payment upfront for international orders. Shipping will be calculated based on the order weight and destination country.

How do I make payment for a NuOrder order?

We will send you an invoice when we ship your order. We accept mailed check and credit card, or ACH bank transfer in some circumstances.

I can’t log in to my NuOrder account. What should I do?

If you are having trouble logging in to your account, enter your email into the user name field and then click on “Forgot My Password.” This will resend your account login credentials and you will receive a password reset email.

Warranty Procedure for Retailers

Sunski shades come with a Forever Warranty. No matter where the product is purchased, the warranty is always valid and Sunski will stand behind our product. We want to make sure you are 100% aware of how to handle the warranty process in store. Please use the following procedures when handling Sunski warranty claims:

Busted or scratched lenses

Option 1:
Have the customer get in-touch with us via our customer service email,, or direct them to

Option 2:
Use the code ‘lensrefresh’ to order a replacement lens kits for the customer, or give the code to the customer so they can order replacement lenses on their own. This code allows you or the customer to purchase lenses for free.

Retailers should not physically replace lenses for customers. Replacing lenses is something the customer can do on their own by following the simple instructions that come with the kit.

Broken frame or hinge

Option 1:
Have the customer get In-touch with us via our customer service email, or go to

Option 2:
If you have a customer with a broken frame who is adamant about returning or exchanging the pair at the store, please complete an exchange or return and send a request for a credit note to Please make sure to include as much product and store information as possible.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at Thank you for your support!

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